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Caring for your Art Print

It’s important that you should care for your photographic art prints just as you would any delicate and valuable artwork. With proper handling, your print will remain in original condition for many years to come.


• Natural skin oils or other contaminants can easily transfer to the print. Ideally, wear clean, lint free white cotton gloves designed for handling artwork, to keep skin oil and dirt off the print. If you must handle the print with bare hands, wash and dry your hands well before touching the print.
• Always handle the print by the back and edges only, rather than touching the printed surface.
• Never touch or attempt to rub the surface of the image with your finger or fingernail, as this could permanently mark or scratch the surface of the print.

Exposure to Elements

• Hanging your print in direct sunlight will damage it. Keep your print out of direct sunlight. Even the best quality inks and materials will fade if exposed to prolonged periods of ultraviolet rays from strong natural light and sunlight. This is true for all forms of art.
• Incandescent light bulbs are the safest choice of lighting for photographic images. Fluorescent lights emit harmful ultraviolet rays that can cause changes to colours over time.
• Hang your print away from areas where airborne grime, dust and pollutants such as cooking fumes and cigarette smoke may leave a discolouring residue.
• Try to avoid hanging your print near a heating source as overheating will dry out the print and make the paper brittle.
• Do not hang your print in the bathroom where moisture and high humidity could cause mould.
• Avoid extreme fluctuations in moisture and temperature. Excessive fluctuations between dryness and humidity, or extreme heat and cold can negatively affect the state of your print. If the humidity is too high, be on the lookout for mould.


• When framing your print use a good quality glass specifically designed for protecting fine art and photographic images. For extra protection from light, you can request that your framer uses UV resistant glass. I recommend that you inform you framer of the exact environment in which the print will be placed.
• Acid-free archival mat should always be used to prevent the print and glass from touching.


• A framed print should be dusted with a clean, soft rag, to prevent dust buildup. Never use spray-on wet cleaning products, including water, as these may seep under the glass and permanently damage the print.

Important Note/ Disclaimer

  • Once you accept delivery of your print, you become solely responsible for its care. I am not accountable or responsible for any print kept in an environment beyond my control.
  • The content of this care page on my web site is my opinion, based on my experience, and is provided only as general information that may assist customers in evaluating for themselves the best way to care for their print.
  • I am not accountable, responsible or liable for loss or damage what-so-ever as a result (directly or indirectly) of information contained in this web site and this care section.

Thank you, Elaine McDonald